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Liz Randolph, MSN, PhD is a family therapist who works with families who have children who have been severely traumatized and/or who have serious to severe behavior problems. She is also a researcher, a college professor, an athlete who will play any sport that's available (including hurling, a Gaelic sport that she learned from some priests from Ireland during high school), a skier, both on snow and water, a skater, on both ice and wheels, a sailor in small sailboats, an avid tap dancer, a pilot of small airplanes since age 15, a hiker, a camper (alonmg with several siblings, nieces and nephews), an avid reader of a wide variety of books (but especially historical novels), a minister, a nurse with a masters degree in child psychiatric nursing, a geneologist, and a teacher of movement and energetic means to self-healing (one friend calls her "Indiana Liz"). She also enjoys masters swimming (not just swimming with dolphins), officiating youth sports (she has umpired little league baseball since age 14, plus youth soccer and basketball as an adult), and activities at her church. Unfortunately all but her church activities came to a screeching halt when she fell head first down a flight of stairs in July 2007, and got a nasty concussion that disabled her. Never one to give up, however, Liz continues to work on healing herself through the movement and self-healing approach that she has been studying since 1993, and is still planning to get back to teaching half-day workshops for parents and professionals as soon as she is able to. Stay tuned to this website periodically for updates as to when Liz will be ready to hit the workshop trail again!!
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